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  • Preloved, did you say Princess Bride quotes? I AM THERE! I want it now. I need it.

    I’ve read a few books on this list like Finnickin of the Rock. WHICH IS GLORIOUS! The world building was very on point. Oh, and I”ve read some of The Ranger’s Apprentice, but I haven’t finished the series yet which is sad. I must do that. And The Book Thief ALDKALKDFJS! It’s the most quotable book, second to The Princess Bride.

    I still want to read Every Breath so badly. And One Would Think the Deep. And just about all of these. *nods* Yep, I need to move to Australia. I’ll be building myself a raft like Tom Sawyer. Oh, but that didn’t go down well. . .

    Awesome post!

    • YES. I mean, what book could be more perfect if it uses tons of Princess Bride quotes?!? *hugs Preloved* I SO BADLY NEED TO FINISH THE FINNIKIN SERIES OMG. I have such feelings over that world. <3 But yes, definitely just come to Australia and devour all our books. And raft? Pfft. Please. COME BY DRAGON.

  • Yippeee, I have read and loved a lot of these books and many are on my TBR! I keep hearing about how amazing Finnikin of the Rock is, which I’m excited about and Graffiti Moon as well. I absolutely LOVE Disruption, These Broken Stars and My Sister Rosa! I will be seeing some of them at BWF which is really exciting!

    • OHhh you MUST try Finnikin at some point Jeann!! IT’S SUCH A STUPENDOUS EPIC FANTASY. With like actual real amazingly detailed world building for once. <33 I am in love with a book. ajdflksadjk

  • I love love love this post!

    I’ve read a few Aussie authors over the years, but especially in the past two years, I find myself preferring them when it comes to contemporary. No one gets us like another Aussie and our experiences here as teens are so far removed from life in the US even. And they don’t dwell on drama either.

    No vegemite on toast? NOOOOOOOOO. Can you have it on other non bread snacks like salada or crumpets? I still have vegemite everyday for breakfast, having grown up on it I can still eat it by the spoonful 😀

    • Ohhh SO TRUE. I mean the American schools and everything are just bizarre, sheesh. Give me an Australian contemporary any day.😂 And I do feel like there’s less clique dramas and stereotypes in Aussie contemporaries for some reason? Plus they seem basically guaranteed to be diverse. It is glorious.


  • I’ve always wondered what vegemite is – it seems to be in every Australian book I’ve ever read, so I probably should have looked it up by now. But I guess I was enjoying basking in my ignorance until you educated me. 🙂

    Thanks for the Aussie recs! I’ve only read a few of these, so I have lots of books to check into now!

  • I can’t even with Vegemite. I stand next to an open jar of it and the scent of it makes my nose burn. Nods. LOVELY LIST, that I as a fellow Aussie blogger that mostly reads crime and need more YA authors to follow, can appreciate. YUP. (Also My sister Rosa: SHUDDERS)

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